Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Independence Day!

On the Fourth of July we drove down to my parents house to spend the weekend with them. It was a very quite fourth since my brother and SIL were at the ocean and our family friends that usually join us were out of town as well. 

My parents street is crazy awesome! They spend thousands of dollars on fireworks. So we set up a table and chairs and had a great time hanging out in the front yard playing cards, shooting off our own fireworks and watching theirs. 

Michael's birthday is on July 14th, but my parents weren't going to be able to celebrate with us so they let Michael open his birthday presents early. He got the Seahawks sign that's in his office area and this awesome Russell Wilson jersey! 

Mom and Dad had the house decorated so nice! 

We didn't buy the kids any fireworks at first, but then seeing everyone else having fun we thought they needed a little something. My Dad and I ran up to the Safeway parking lot and picked up Pop It's, Ground Blooms, Sparklers and Jumping Jacks. 

Even Zeke had fun throwing the Pop It's....he was really good at it too! 

Owen and Jack did great with the Sparklers, but they FREAKED Ella out! She wouldn't go near them and she just kept covering her eyes! 

After fireworks it was time to move to the backyard to enjoy smores! Ga-Ga actually had her very first smores...EVER! She didn't see what all the fuss was about. I agree.....I made mine with a normal chocolate bar when I normally spread Nutella on the graham crackers. It's way better that way! 

Marshmallow face! 

After smores we went to the front yard and watched over an hour of fireworks....I'm talking amazing, as good as the professional fireworks. I love Orting! 

The next day we spent lots of time outside. Zeke Man just LOVES this Huggle Pod that Ga-Ga bought. He could swing in there for quite a long time. 

Happy little boy! 

The slip and slide got put to good use! 

This was the first time I've seen Ella get really into playing on it. She's got much more into the water this summer. 

Both the boys are good at sliding on the inflatable belly boards. This time around they were trying to perfect using them as surf boards....didn't work so well though! 

When I got on the slip and slide Zeke finally came over to investigate. 

Then as he was walking around he learned why they called it a SLIP and slide! Thankfully he wasn't too upset about it. We were only going to stay one night, but then we ended up staying over on Saturday as well. It's hard to say no to the kids when they want to stay at Ga-Ga & Pa's. I hope they always feel that way!