Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Pretend Cook!

Owen LOVES to 'Pretend Cook' as we call it. I let him do this years ago with a bunch of extra stuff I found in the pantry that I didn't really need. So of course he was hounding me for a couple days and I finally gave in. One of the reasons I loathe pretend cook is because it always makes my kitchen a mess since everything he's playing with is usually powdery. So out to the deck he went! 

On the menu today was plain oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, cornstarch, corn bread mix, powdered milk and peanut butter powder. 

Add in a bunch of measure spoons, a whisk and some water and you have Pretend Cook!

Of course Jack and Ella needed to have a turn so I refilled the ingredients for them. 

The kids always want me to smell their creation when they are done and it always smells so awful, but at least they are having fun!