Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sub Zero!

Last Tuesday the kids and I went down to my parents house so I could clean it for them. They were coming back from vacation and I wanted them to come home to a clean house. We got there around 10 since I didn't know how long it was going to take with 4 kids in the house. I usually clean their house and Michael has the kids at home, but since it was a work day...no can do! 

Thankfully I got it clean....I stepped in the shower at 3pm. I told my mom that cleaning an entire house with 4 kids probably shaved about 2 years off my life. My parents were still a couple hours away from being home so in order to keep the house clean I figured we should get out of the house!!! 

Thank you Groupon! 

I took the kids to Sub Zero in Puyallup since I bought a Groupon a little while back. 

The whole process was fun....picking your base....we got premium! 

Picking your flavor....we got chocolate! Picking your mix in...we got brownies! 

Then watching the lady freeze it with liquid nitrogen. 

She would freeze it for a bit and then scrap it off the sides of the bowl and mix it in and then freeze it some more. 

The fog came out the little gap in the glass and the kids thought that was cool....hahaha! Sorry I couldn't resist! 

I think she froze ours a total of 3 times. We picked the middle freezing ground. You can have them freeze it so it's soft serve or rock hard. 

Then we got 5 spoons and dug in! 

You scream...I scream...

We all scream for ice cream!!! 

Of course Zeke didn't like it. Seriously this kid has issues! 

As for the quality...the ice cream was okay...Cold Stone is better, but the experience was fun and the waffle bowl was amazing!