Saturday, July 12, 2014

Rearranging - Ella's Room!

I'm constantly reevaluating if the way our house is set up is working for us. Lately there have been a couple rooms that have just bugged me....the dining room, Ella's room and the upstairs playroom. Last week I finally decided to just get on with it and move things around. That and I had a really bad sunburn so going outside didn't seem like such a good idea! So let's start with Ella's room. 

Here's what it used to look like...for the most part. The table and the kitchen had been moved to the upstairs playroom. In the kitchens place was a toy box / book shelf and in the tables place was her Ariel Salon she got for Christmas. The part I didn't like about her room was her bed being up against that wall. I hated that the baseboard heater was making it so her bed couldn't go the other way. Since we've almost set beds on fire before with them being too close to the heater there was no way I was going to move it that way either. 

Except I was moving things around in the dining room and had an available nightstand for her room. I put the nightstand on the other side of the bed so now there is plenty of room between the bed and the heater. I also moved the cabinet that Papa Martin built to the other wall. I like how you can see it better. It's such a gorgeous piece of furniture I like that you can see it now right when you walk in the room. 

Ella had no clue I was busy doing this. All the kids were downstairs vegging out to the TV. I asked her to come upstairs and she was a little annoyed with me so she said, "What?"...the she said, "My room is different!" 

Her nightstand has her "singer thing" AKA snowglobe and the jewelry holder. Later I added a lamp from Daddy's work desk that he wasn't using. 

The best part was the placement of her toy box / book shelf. It's in the perfect location to climb on and then jump on the bed. 

I think she liked it!