Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fire Pit & First Carrot!

Owen is always hounding us for a fire in the backyard! During this particular week it was scorching hot out....a fire really! Michael made him wait one more day and thankfully the next night wasn't so hot. 

We got out camp chairs for the kids and found roasting sticks for marshmallows. 

Mama's cute baby boy! Or as I like to call him...my Bowbee! Who knows where nicknames come from, but that is his! 

The boys kept adding wood to the fire trying to stretch the experience as long as they could. 

Big boy in his firetruck jammies! 

He is so stinking cute! 

While we were sitting out there I went over to the garden to check on the carrots. I could see the orange tops on a couple so I decided to pick one for Ella. They still need a bit more time to get sweeter, but she was super happy to eat the first carrot of the season. She literally ate it all the way to the green!