Friday, July 18, 2014

Night Owl!

 Since basically the beginning of summer we have let our kids bedtime fall back an hour. I'm not gonna lie at first I fought it. I was being selfish with my time. I love those 3 hours from 8 - 11pm. It's actually been nice though! Now we let the kids play until 8:15 or so and then we start Bible/Praise/Pray time. After that the kids get to play in their rooms until 9pm and then it's lights out. Now the kids actually go to sleep and we don't have to run upstairs a half dozen times getting more and more frustrated each time. 

This boy is such a night owl! He loves to play in his room and we let him longer than the others. He's usually asleep by 10pm. The other night he came down to show us his new creation. Let me just start be saying my kids do not play with LEGOS...they don't follow instructions and they don't create things using their imagination. Sorry kids you got that from Mom! 

After seeing The LEGO Movie on Tuesday Owen decided he needed to make a spaceship. If you've seen the movie you know the scene with the astronaut. It was Owen's favorite part and he laughed hysterically! It was fun to see him decide to make something...who knows maybe one day he'll be a Master Builder! ;)