Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Angle Lake Sprinkler Park!

A couple Monday's ago the weather was going to be so nice so I asked Kim if her and the kids wanted to meet us at the sprinkler park. I also put out an invitation on our MOPS Facebook page. We love hanging out with other MOPS moms during the summer! 

At first the kids wanted to walk down to the beach. I thought they'd just want to check out the water and then come back up, but no! Almost all the kids ended up getting in an splashing around. Once a few the kids got hungry though we made our way up to the sprinkler park area and sat down for an early lunch. 

While I was packing our lunch I noticed that the bread I had on the counter had started to get moldy! YUCK! The only other bread I had was in the freezer so I took that out and then just brought all the condiments with us so I could make sandwiches when the bread was thawed out. 

It's funny how the kids are always hungry so early when we go to the sprinkler park! I think we must have eaten at 10:50 or so! 

Chomping on his Cheetos! 

Kim came and brought her three kiddos - Andrew, Josiah and Caitlynn

Alicia came with her three kids - Tyler, Emma & Evelyn

Emma and Ella got along so well. I think Ella would be her shadow if she could! 

Heather and her daughter Miriam came as well. 

Also there was another MOPS mom...Melinda and her two kids, but I didn't get a picture of them. 

At first the kids were a bit timid! 

The water is cold, but it was hot outside so it felt nice! 

Zeke wanted nothing to do with the water until I swung his legs through one of the sprayers. He thought that was great fun and laughed so hard! 

Handsome Jack! 

Stepping on some of the sprayers make the other ones go higher! 

Beautiful baby boy! 

The kids have actually gotten into wearing their sunglasses now! 

I love how Zeke is looking at Owen in this picture. He loves his Owie! 

Cute little weirdos! 

I am loving having all my kids at home!