Monday, July 14, 2014

Rearranging - Dining Room!

The next room that was finished getting rearranged was the dining room. I know I've said it before, but this truly is the heart of our home. Everything happens in this room! 

These are horrible cell phone pictures, but they will have to do. Before the changes there was a dresser on the left wall. I moved that dresser up to Jack and Zeke's room...all by myself! Of course I took the drawers out, but it was still heavy. I hate waiting for Michael to get home to help me with things like this. I'd much rather just get it done. Of course I was sure I was going to die due to a dresser crushing me as it and I fell down the stairs, but thankfully that didn't happen! The other thing that changed was the mantle. I haven't been happy with our mantle for a long time. This room used to be in a nautical theme, but that's just not working right now. 

The white furniture on the left is actually two nightstands put together. I moved one up to Ella's room and one up to Owen's room. Also our gallery pictures of the kids changed. We still have some of them, but they got a bit more compiled since we lost some wall space with the rearranging. 

Here is my new mantle! I LOVE IT! It's just what I wanted. I love how our family pictures are proudly displayed. Michael built the frames for all three of the pictures. Love the rustic simple feel of them. 

As for the wall in the living room where our family pictures used to be...I hung these up! More wonderful pictures that my friend Starr took last year at Christmas time. The wood is rungs from an old ladder that was in our backyard. I put them together in these shapes and then Michael tacked them together. I have wanted to make some sort of Fruit of the Spirit sign for our house since I strongly believe those are the character qualities I want for our family. What better way to be reminded of them if they are staring you in the face everyday! The words were really easy to do...all I did was get a stencil from Joann's and some paint. I have never stenciled anything in my was SO easy and fun! I think I might have stumbled across a new crafting skill! 

For the new and improved dining room....where the white nightstands were is now the desk that was in the Jack and Zeke's room. It's been in this location before and just works well. You can see the gallery pictures have changed....Owen and Jack share a wall and so do Ella and Zeke. 

Where the dresser used to be is now this cabinet that has been out in our garage. I've had it since I was a teenager. It's nice to have all the extra storage for the kids craft stuff! Also Michael now has his little Seahawk section. The big Seahawk sign was his birthday present from my parents! 

Next up...Owen's room!