Monday, July 7, 2014

Fun, Sunny Summer Day!

On this particular day the kids asked if they could run through the sprinkler since it was nice out. So I hooked it up in the back yard and then this is what I came outside to! They were staying safely on the stairs...Chickens! 

So I encouraged them to go down there and run through it. 

They ended up having so much fun out there! 

They were probably out there a good 30 minutes! 

The best part about kids getting older is the fact that they can do so many things for themselves. Like the simple fact that Owen shut the sprinkler off....this is fabulous! 

Then Jack asked to go on a wagon off we went! 

The older kids didn't even change so they were out in the neighborhood in their swim wear. 

There is a decent hill that goes up to our part of the neighborhood. It's not bad at all, but coming down on it in a bike for the first time can be interesting especially since you just learned how to brake about 100 ft before the hill. Ella did great though...even though she was crying her head off! I did help her at the very end, but for the most part she was doing it. 

Owen enjoyed riding around on Jack's scooter...Ella was on Jack's bike...I guess Jack's toys are just cooler! He figured out the whole braking thing by stepping on the back fender. Of course why would you wear shoes...that's silly! We ended up seeing our neighbor Rachael coming home so we hung out with her and her kids for a while before coming back home. I was dreading the hill coming up because I knew I was going to have to pull a wagon with two boys in it and then push Ella on her bike up the hill. But turns out it wasn't all that bad. I guess I'm not as out of shape as I think I am!