Monday, July 28, 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow!

About a week ago I went down to check out the garden and snapped some pictures. 

This is my Yuca plant that my friend Stephanie gave me a few years back. This is the first year that it has grown a stalk and had flowers. I love it!!! 

The stalk did make it a bit heavy so I ended up having to tie it to the stair rails. 

Our Hostas are so full this year! 

This blueberry bush was from our old neighbors. We had it planted in the garden beds on the easement, but I think the heat from that side of the house was just too much for it. This year we relocated it to the garden bed under the stairs for our deck. We have berries!!! 

These are our two tomato plants! We have never had tomato plants grow this big. Michael has had to stake them twice. We had a little tiny bit of wind last week and they both fell over. There are so many tomatoes that I'm going to be canned them this year. Homemade tomato sauce here I come! 

My zucchini on the other hand has not done very well this year. We had a mole probably and I think the roots got a little messed up. They are still producing, but just not like they have in past years. I'm bummed because I was looking forward to pickling zucchini! 

Lots and lots of carrots!! I'm pretty sure that Ella will eat at least half of these...probably before I even get them up to the kitchen to cut the greens off of them. 

My beets....I have another section on the easement with more, but this section is by far the best. I'm so excited to make pickled beets and just roast them and eat them. I better do the pickling first or I'll just eat them all. Yummy!!