Wednesday, July 9, 2014

RCC Soccer Camp!

This is our second year participating in our churches soccer camp. This year the main difference is the camp is at our church field instead of at the local elementary school field. 

Jack and Hansi were together again this year.

The new field is so wonderful! Lots of work and lots of prayers went into making this possible. 

Doing exercises...I think! 

Super Spectators! 

My little goalie man! 

Owen's group was playing on the upper field so Ella, Zeke and I went up there to check it out. Owen's idea of playing soccer involves just staying in the back field. 

Action shot!!! 

After the second night of soccer camp they gathered the kids together to talk about the upcoming events at church. 

Then the moment the kids were waiting for....getting their own soccer ball! 

They released the kids in phases so it wouldn't get crazy. 

So happy to have his soccer ball! 

Before the kids could pick out their ball they had to get a flyer about the upcoming kids church. 

Look mom!!! 

Then all the parents and kids got to enjoy hot dogs! 

Before going home there was time for a little scrimmage match in front of the church. The boys can't wait for next year!