Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Jamberry Nails!

I heard about Jamberry nails a little over a month ago. My friend Angie had an online FB show. The Jamberry representative sent me a sample since I was curious. The challenge was to put one Jamberry on and then paint the rest of your nails. 

Here is my pinky nail with my Jamberry nail wrap on it and the other four are painted. I painted my nails like normal with two coats of color and then a top coat. 

This was my hand just 4 days later!! The nail polish didn't stand a chance! In fact I ended up having this nail polish on until it was almost completely chipped off and then I painted my nails again and the Jamberry was still going strong. All in all I had it on for over two weeks and it looked great the entire time! 

Of course after seeing those results I order some. I bought 3 sheets and then got the 4th free. Here is all the stuff you need to apply Jamberry nails. Nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol, heat gun or hair dryer, nail wraps, nail file, cuticle stick, cotton swabs and little scissors. 

Here is one I have huge thumbs so I was worried they wouldn't have one big enough, but the biggest size is actually bigger than my thumb. I was shocked! I have short nails so each wrap can be used for 2 fingers if I cut it in half so this one sheet will get me 3 full sets of wraps and I'll still have 3 more wraps to use if I mess one up. 

The first thing you do is remove all your nail polish, push your cuticles up and then clean your nails with rubbing alcohol. 

To apply the Jamberry nails you cut them in half and then heat them up to activate the glue. I used the cuticle stick to hold them in front of my embossing gun. They start to curl on the edge so you know they are warm. Then I put them on and rub down all the edges. The nail wrap will be hanging over the end of your nail so that's what you use the little scissors for and then the file. When you file though you have to make sure you are only filing down. You have to hold your nail file at a 90 degree angle to your nail and then just go down. After that I stick my finger in front of the embossing gun just for a second and then press them down again.

I think it took me about 30 minutes in all. The hardest part was doing my right hand since I'm right handed!! I will say I think I rushed a bit. Jack was hounding me to watch him play with his new toy so I probably should have paid a little more attention to the pressing down and filing down part. These still look great, but there were a couple spots where the wrap got a little wrinkle in it because I didn't press it down. You can't see it, but I can feel it....think about when you have something stuck in your teeth and your tongue just can't help but mess with it. So far I've been super impressed with them. They don't feel weird and they are not going to harm my nails. They even have ones for kids! And the designs are so fun and they have a ton of different many it's hard to choose!