Thursday, July 31, 2014

New Jammies!

When Ga-Ga & Pa got back from vacation they had all sorts of surprises for the kids. They all got new jammies, but Zeke got two pairs since Pa just couldn't resist. 

Of course they slept in their jammies that first night and then wore them the entire day. It was the day it rained so it was perfect! Zeke did want to go outside so I put him in his "cow boots". 

He thought he was pretty hot stuff in his boots! 

Stompin' in his boots! 

He was checking out the big boys playing with another one of the surprises....inflatable rockets!

Owen and Jack both got the same jammies and Ella's were similar they were just girly colors. The rockets were pretty cool. They are made of Mylar so you blow them up with a straw and then it self closes. Yeah well Owen thought he could just blow them up normally so he pull the self closing part open so his ended up in the trash after about a day! Poor guy was so bummed....but he learned a good lesson...listen to Mom! 

Later on that night I gave Zeke a bath and rubbed him down with all his eczema cream and then this new moisturizer his new dermatologist recommended...CeraVe. It's so much easier to rub on then the Eucerin!  

These have the little flap in the back and it has a bear on it and says...Bear Bottoms! So cute! 

Thanks for the new jammies Ga-Ga & Pa!