Saturday, July 19, 2014

Park, Play, Pals & Pinatas!

About a week and a half ago we went to Les Gove park in Auburn. There was a bunch going on since it was a Wednesday - Music in the Park - Arts & Crafts - Free Lunch. 

After letting the kids play on the playground for a bit we went over and claimed our spot so we'd have a nice view of Recess Monkey....they were fun! 

Then we wandered over to a tent where the kids could decorate pinatas. 

They had markers and those foam stickers. 

The kids had fun being creative! 

Jack was sure that they had candy in them, but I let him know we would go to the store and get some. What's a pinata without candy!!! 

This slide was by far the  most popular place to be. 

The kids loved challenging themselves to climb up or run down. 

Zeke was pretty content to sit back and watch the older kids go crazy. We did try to go over and play at the sprinkler park, but it was way too busy! The kids were too intimidated by all the other kids. It was a bit overwhelming! So that's when I invited my friend Christina to come back to my house and hang out. She lives about 45 minutes south of us and she was already so close to our house I thought it might be fun. 

It was a great time! Her girls....Anna & Addison had so much fun with Ella. These girls were little fishes in the pool. There was the occasional complaint about splashing, but after a while even that simmered down and they just had a blast! 

The boys had fun playing games together for some of the time. Caleb loves our playroom so he was having fun playing with all the toys in there as well. It was so nice to get to be with my friend and it was a joy to see our kids playing together. Win - Win! 

The next day the kids and I went to Costco and we ended up getting a big bag of candy to fill the pinatas. We were going to go to Winco and get candy from the bulk section, but we were already Costco and the kids gave me $6 to go towards the candy so I just made up the difference and we didn't have to make another stop! 

When Daddy got home he hung up their pinatas and they got to smash them open! They ended up with quite a stash of candy. We let them have free rain on how and when they got to eat it. Of course Owen ate his pretty much right away, Ella ate most, but saved a few and Jack had candy for the longest amount of time. It's fun seeing the differences in their personalities!