Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Disney Prep - Tinkerbell Outfit!

Now that I'm finished with all the birthday parties for the year it's time to change my focus to finalizing all the Disneyland preparations. 

Here's Ella's Tink shirt that I made for her last year. 

I just recently finished making her Tinkerbell Tutu. I was sure it was going to be hard to make, but it was easier than I thought. I was able to finish it during one episode of Once Upon A Time. 

To finish off her outfit...here are her Tinkerbell shoes. I just used a pair of shoes that I found at a garage sale that Ella didn't like. I painted them with Mod Podge, sprinkled on the glitter and then sprayed them with clear acrylic once the Mod Podge dried. I got the puff balls at Joann's and then hot glued them on. With a pair of white leggings this is going to be a cute outfit. Oh I just thought I might have to buy her a pair of wings at The Dollar Tree to really finish it off. Who knows this might end up being her Halloween outfit this year!