Sunday, July 24, 2011

40 Years And Counting!

Today we went to Ga-Ga & Pa's to celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary with family and friends.

I made their anniversary sign using my SIL's Cricut it was so much fun and so easy!

My Dad had a whole table set up with memorabilia including their wedding pictures, my mom's wedding dress and her prom dress that she worn on their first date when she was 15 years old. My mom was even wearing her original wedding ring today. Sadly my Dad's wedding ring is over in some field in Germany since he lost it while he was in the Army shortly after their wedding. The book on right is a Shutterfly book that I made that is a synopsis of my parents life from their first date until now.

My mom had the bakery at Albertson's make a replica of their original wedding cake. It was beautiful! The cake topper on top is actually their topper from their wedding!

Even though it was a celebration for them, Mom wanted to do the food herself...of course she had help from family though.

Uncle Ry working the grill.

Aunt Stephie putting all that wonderful meat on platters for us to enjoy! Yummy!!!

So many people came out to join in the celebration!

Family, friends, co-workers...all loved ones!!!

What a beautiful day for a celebration!

Then it was time to get the festivities started. Pictures and speeches....

Uncle Ry said a few words...

 Then Dad read a couple things. First a little about their first date over 43 years ago and then some lovely words about how "she melts all his heart away with just the shadow of her smile!"

What a wonderful smile it is!!!

Time for cutting the cake!


Thank you baskets I made and had at all the tables! Thank you for coming out and celebrating the love my parents share for each other!


Momof2 said...

OH they are so cuuuuute! you did a great job with the decorations, and that cake is beautiful!!!! I am so blessed to know your parents! They are such wonderful people! I will have to start planning my parents 40th which is in a few yrs!