Monday, July 4, 2011

Busy Beautiful Day!

On Saturday we had a bunch of errands to do so we headed out early. We left at 9:30 and joked that before kids that was the time we used to be waking up at. First we headed to BECU to deposit some checks and then we went to Wal-Mart to take back Jack's big boy car seat....turns out he wasn't as big of a boy as I thought! Then we went to Carpinito's Brothers to look around and buy some bark for our one flower bed. After that we went to Applebee's in Renton and got lunch for $17 since we had a free birthday lunch voucher for Jack and all the kids shared the one meal since they had a huge breakfast. Michael and I split the appetizer trio thing. All of this and it was only 11:30! Since we were in Renton we decided to go over to Liberty park to let the kids play at the park. When we parked at the library the boys saw the fountain and wanted to check it out then they caught sight of the firetrucks across the street.

The firemen were cleaning out the inside of the firehouse and as Owen was walking by they didn't see him and he got sprayed a bit. The fireman felt so bad he gave Owen whatever he wanted! He got to get inside every truck...the normal one...the ladder truck and the ambulance! This kid was in heaven! We had a nice chat with the fireman and then it was off to the park.

I've been wanting to scope out this park for a possible MOPS play date spot so it was fun to go there. It's not a super good spot for littler kids, but it was a nice park.

We were loving all that nice warm sunshine!

If you can't tell...yes that is Jack swinging on a baby swing, wearing his cowboy boots backwards with shorts! I love that boy!

When we got home it was time for Ella to take a nap and then the boys and I went and picked strawberries. This is about the 3rd bowl we've gotten from our garden! I love free fresh from your garden food! Next year we are going to plant more strawberry plants in the garden bed to the right of the driveway. It will act like ground cover and will also give us TONS more strawberries to enjoy!

At Carpinito's Brothers we got 8 bags of bark to cover the garden bed we planted earlier in the spring. It was already overrun with weeds and driving me nuts. The bark was on a really good sale and it will be totally worth it to not have to pick weeks all the time!

So pretty! Michael also put bark in the garden bed where we planted the raspberry and blueberry bushes.

Then since it was nice we put the big blow up pool out for the boys.

With the slide so they could have some crazy fun! Video to follow!

Ella got to wear her first bathing suit and eat popcorn outside...we are a popcorn loving family!

Can you say complete and utter cuteness!!!!

Come here summer and let me give you a big hug...I hope you're here to stay for awhile!!!