Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Day In The Life Of...

Okay so it started over at Kelly's Korner and then Lauren's Blog decided to do it so I thought why not! Why not write down those silly mundane things that I do everyday so one day I can look back and remember the way it was back then! I'm going to write out my day as if it were a normal Monday during the summer. This will probably be really boring, but here goes!

6am - Wake up, make the bed, shower, brush teeth, make up my face, get dressed, blow dry my hair and then swish & swipe.

6:45 - Computer time for about 15 - 25 minutes

7:10 - Head downstairs and start load of laundry

7:15 - Logan arrives! Go through her clothes for the week and match up outfits. Change her into her clothes for the day and get her set up with toys to play with.

7:30ish - Go get my kids up! Change Jack out of his night-night undies (Pull-Ups) and into big boy undies. Head downstairs to start breakfast.

7:40 - Get all the kids to the table to eat breakfast usually blueberry toast or sausage and toast, or oatmeal, or yogurt and cereal or toaster strudel. I will occasionally make pancakes during the week, but not usually on a day I'm watching Logan.

8:00 - Boys are finished and they run off to watch Curious George.

8:15 - Logan is all finished eating her baby food so I put her down so she can play and poop. Once I change her it's off to her nap. While Ella is still eating I get a chance to do the dishes.

8:30 - Ella is finished eating...she's SO slow! I let her run around and play for a bit and then I get her dressed for the day. Have Owen get himself dressed and help Jack get dressed. Then it's time to brush teeth.

9:00 - Ella goes down for her nap! This when I'll change the laundry from the washer to the dryer. The boys will usually keep themselves entertained during this time by going outside or playing with toys inside. Sometimes I will get out Play-Doh for them or some other craft. This is when I will also try to do some organizing, crafting or call making. If we are heading somewhere like a park this is when I get lunches made and will pack the van up.

10am - Snack time for the boys.

11:00 - Girls wake up from their naps. Ella gets a diaper change since she almost always poops during her first nap. then Logan gets a bottle. After that I start figuring out what's for lunch.

11:45 - Lunch time!

12:15 - This is when I get some time to sit down and play with the kids. They are all up and I don't really have many chores to do so we will sit and read books or play catch or run around. Since it's been nicer we will probably spend lots of time outside now.

1:30 - Nap time for Jack, Ella & Logan! Owen gets to stay up with Mommy. I usually take a few minutes to myself and check my email real quick and then he will ask to play on my computer. While he does that I will usually find something to organize or I will make some cards. I've tried to use this alone time with him to teach him, but he usually won't have anything to do with it. I'm thinking his brain might still be tired, but his body isn't that's why he doesn't need a nap anymore. I usually won't let him play for more than an hour and then he has to go do something else like play in the sandbox.

3:00 - Start getting things out and prepping for dinner. Fold the laundry.

4:00 - Get kids up from their nap. Take Jack potty, get Ella up and then have all the kids help me get Logan. Logan gets a bottle. When she won't take more than an ounce I set her down so she can play and then I go start making dinner. When I'm at a stopping point I come back and try to feed her again. At this point in the day she's really not interested in eating. Ella will usually just play during this time. Sometimes I'll put on a Veggie Tales for the boys to watch.

4:55 - Michael gets home!

5:15 - Dinner time!

5:30 - Jen comes to pick up Logan and we usually visit for a bit and talk about Logan's day.

6:00 - Clean up from dinner and start my bed time routine - dishes, wipe down counters, sweep, set out new rags. This is when Michael is playing with the kids. He'll usually take the laundry upstairs and put it away for me if I haven't done that yet.

6:30 - This is when we try to get projects done around the house like weeding or fixing this and that. If there isn't anything like that to do we'll be upstairs in the master bedroom and Michael will be giving the kids a bath. While he's doing that I'm organizing something or setting out clothes for the kids for the next day.

7:15 - The boys either will be playing in their room or playing on Daddy's computer in the office. Michael and I will be laying on our bed with Ella watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.

8:00 - Take the kids into the boys room, read their devotional, the kids say their prayers and then I pray, snuggles and kisses and then the last minute, "I need a drink of water!" request, then it's off to bed for the boys. Ella says "night night" to Daddy and then I tuck her in.

8:10 - Michael has some alone computer time while I get some alone time too. On Monday nights I watch The Bachelorette and update my blog while sitting in bed.

10:00 - Michael comes in and we watch the new Extreme Makeover Weight Loss version together.

11:00 - Lights out!