Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sprinkler Park!

Oh thank heavens for the sun!!!

Last Wednesday we headed out to the sprinkler park for the first time this year. It was following a busy holiday weekend and our MOPS playdate so I was really asking a lot from the kids, but overall they did great.

I am really starting to feel more and more comfortable taking Logan places other than Bible Study and MOPS. I think it helps that she's finally a little more mobile and able to make herself more happy. It's hilarious that Ella and Logan are 8 months apart...they are literally almost the exact same size.

 My freak of a 4 year old....said with the utmost love! :) :) :)

Chowin' on her Cheerios!

Logan would not keep her hat on and she had already gotten quite a bit of sun the day before so I just made sure she stayed in the shade of the beach umbrella.

Waiting for the water to shoot up!

Ella was very unsure of this whole idea. She normally loves the water, but this was strange to her.

This was a blind shot and I couldn't believe she was actually smiling. It is a bit challenging sometimes because Logan can't walk yet and I didn't want to just set her right in the water, but I also didn't want to just walk away from her on the blanket. I think that Ella would have been a bit more adventurous if I had been able to be out there with her. It will be fun to go again the next time the weather decides to reach around 80!