Friday, July 22, 2011

GG's In Town!

Today we spent the day at Ga-Ga & Pa's house. I figured it would be nice to get out of the house since the weather was going to be nice and GG is in town! She flew in on Wednesday and we hadn't been down to see her yet. I also thought it would be nice for the kids to get to play with all the fun stuff at Ga-Ga & Pa's since I haven't been feeling good. It started as a sore throat on Sunday and by Wednesday afternoon I had no voice. I still have no voice and it just plain sucks!

It was SO nice outside...really just perfect! A much needed break from all the drabby gray skies we've been having lately. I LOVE the blue sky!

The only thing I didn't think of is that kids are kids. Kids want to be swung on the swings, kids want to be pushed around the yard in the giant blow up ball, kids want to be where you are. So when I wanted to go sit down and rest that means they were inside with me.

I did get a teeny tiny cat nap on the couch, but it was nothing really. Overall I think I overdid it. I talked too much and strained my voice. Not talking for someone who LOVES to talk is a really hard thing to do! Plus this whole thing has made me realize just how much I actually talk to myself...I don't even need anyone around!

It was fun to visit with GG and we will get to see her a bunch since she's going to be here a whole month!

 She definitely had fun pushing the boys a couple times in the giant blow up ball and all the kids on the swings. I'm sure she feels like she overdid it too! :)


Momof2 said...

oh how fun! I love Jacks shirt! It looks like you answered his request!