Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Project!

What's summer without some sort of project right? So my newest endeavor for Michael is building a staircase on the north side of our property. Since our house is built on a hill we can only get to the backyard from the easement or from the deck. So if the kids are up in the front yard they have to run through the house to come to the backyard. Going down the easement would involve the kids going out the gate and that's not an option really. The north side of our property isn't very big, but it's roomy enough for a staircase. It would really be nice to have another option for getting to he backyard.

There was this old nasty black fence that was blocking the hillside. We swore it was about to fall over, but it really put up a fight and it was in there quite well. Doesn't Michael look so thrilled with me right now?

I think in an effort to delay the inevitable the decided to reuse the black wood from that fence and make a composter. He seriously saw it how to do this on Bob The Builder! I hope it works! We haven't really done anymore work on the hillside since we've been really busy and we are really busy this whole summer so I know it's not going to be completely finished for a while. The nice part is we have all the materials we need already. Since it's on a side of the house that doesn't get viewed very much it really doesn't need to be fancy so we are using left over blocks from the retaining wall. It will be nice to put those to use and it will be functional!