Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our Day In Pictures...Okay And Some Words Too!

All I've got to say about the below picture is IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!

Renton River Day's Parade here we come!

Are we going to get candy Mama?

Ella sitting in her new camping chair...for about 2 minutes.

Noisy garbage trucks =

Scared boy! He did much better this year than last and we did remember earplugs this time.

Jack was happy as long as he had candy to eat. Kim made cute hobo bags for each of the kids at Andrew's birthday party and I brought those for the boys to have a place to put their candy in and they worked great!

Since Ella wasn't wanting to sit in her chair I decided to wear her...she still loves it despite the look on her face. Since we wasn't enjoying her chair another cute little girl sat in it for the majority of the was adorable!

We left before the parade was done and went to lunch and then it was onto Best Buy. I did a bunch of research online on Friday night because we needed a new microwave...ours decided to bite the dust on Thursday. Life without a microwave is no fun! I did research whether or not we should have someone come fix it and it's just not worth it since it cost over a $100 just to have them walk in your door not including any parts and a brand new microwave cost us $200.

And of course the first thing that was made in it...popcorn!

On our way home from Best Buy I passed a garage sale and something caught my eye. I took Michael and Ella home since she was sleeping and needed to be put in her bed. Then the boys and I headed back out. Jack had money from his piggy bank and Owen had some from his train bank. Jack got this SUPER awesome Mickey Mouse Clubhouse toy. They don't even make them anymore and when they did they sold at Toys R Us for about $50...he got it for $5!!! He's in love with it! Owen bought a cool mini skateboard for a $1....I didn't get picture of him though he was too busy playing outside watering the lawn.

After that the boys and I headed out again to Rock The Bulb! They were passing out flyer's at the parade and this weekend it's near us in Kent. I turned in 10 incandescent light bulbs and got 10 new energy efficient ones for free! Awesome!!

After Ella woke up from nap we have leftovers for dinner. I love it when you redo leftovers into something new...we had Greek food on Pita bread the other day and this time we decided to make them into a wrap instead. Yummy!

Then how can you have such a beautiful day and NOT spending it down at the beach. At 6pm we headed out to Dash Point State Park...only to sadly discover that you have to pay to get into State Parks now. S.T.U.P.I.D! So we turned around and headed down a little further to the beach by the Lobster Shop. We were sure there would be NO parking, but guess what....front row spot with our name on it!! Gorgeous!!!!

Running for the water!

Scooping some sand!

Beautiful day with my beautiful girl!

Daddy's sand castle!

Throwing sticks into the water and getting all wet!

Being timid about the water.

It's been breached!

Help Mama!!

How do you end a perfect day??? 

Eating ice cream at Cold Stone (used the last of our gift card that we were blessed with) of course!

With good company helps too!