Saturday, July 24, 2010

Renton River Days Parade...AKA Owen's Worst Nightmare!

Let's go!!!

We got a really good spot...didn't think about bringing chairs, but the curb was fine!

It's so cute how kids can be SO happy even though they have no idea what's going to happen.

Jack didn't know what to think, but he just rolls with it!

Ella was a pretty happy girl!

The balloons were a HUGE hit. After I took this picture the poor guy was swarmed by kids!

After a while I put Ella in the stroller so I could take pictures and help Owen and Jack when they started throwing out candy. She was fine...she had her best friends to keep her busy...her hands!

All ready for the parade to start!

Look mama there are firetrucks...

and Police Motorcycles...

and ambulances...

and firetrucks with huge ladders!

One of the things that surprised me about the parade is how politically driven it was. I think I've only been to two parades in my life so I don't remember seeing political candidates before. It was fun getting to see Dave Reichert.
Jack was having fun the whole time sitting on the curb.

This is right about the time that Owen got nervous. Owen has never liked loud noises so when the firetrucks started sounded there sirens and blowing there horns he started clutching onto Michael and hiding his face.

Then a little while later the garbage trucks came and they were kind of competing with each other using there horns.

That's when Owen got really nervous and started hiding his face, crying and saying he wanted to go home. Michael ended up taking him around the corner away from the noise.

While Michael had Owen around the corner the SeaFair pirates came by and blew off a canon right in front of us. It kind of freaked me out so I'm glad that he wasn't right there for that or he would have really been scarred for life.

After the pirates came by the clowns came out and Jack got to see Woody & Buzz clowns.

My favorite parts of the parade were the couple marching bands. I love the music!

That was the last picture I got because then my camera battery died. Michael and Owen joined us for the last little bit, but then we saw the end of the parade coming and it was the firetrucks again so we decided to leave before that. We tried explaining to him that the noises can't hurt him, but there was nothing we could do to make him feel safe. Next year we are going to bring earplugs so hopefully that will help him not be so freaked out.