Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ella's Baby Dedication

On Sunday we dedicated Ella at our church. It's something we've done with both Owen and Jack. We don't believe in baby baptism because we believe that a person should make that choice for themselves. We do believe in making a covenant before witness about our desire to raise our children in a godly home. It is truly our desire that one day our children will meet God on their own with help and guidance from us as their parents.
Ella slept during the beginning of church, but then woke up and wanted to eat. Of course I had just finished nursing her when they called us forward for the dedication ceremony. Thankfully she didn't puke on the pastor!

Lots of family came to celebrate this special day with us.

My Dad got these next few shots and even though they aren't the best quality it's still really nice to have them.

We were totally ready for Ella to cry her eyes out when the pastor held her, but she did great...Jack on the other hand threw a fit when Michael took him out of Ga-Ga's arms so we could go up on the stage. Cute Ga-Ga boy!

Afterwards we all headed out to Roasters in Sea-Tac to eat a nice lunch. Love the food there!

Don't Aunt Linda and Ga-Ga look so much alike? I loved having them here for this!

Michael's Mom and Dad got to join us as well.

Of course Uncle Ry and Stephie were there!

And GG too!

Owen was such a stinker and didn't eat anything at the restaurant.

Jack ate the hot dogs out of the corn dog crust, but refused to eat the apple cobbler dessert. There is something wrong with that!

We feel so blessed to have this beautiful little girl in our lives. She's truly is wonderful! Love you Ella Grace!


Micah and Kim Storer said...

Your Aunt Linda looks exactly like your mom! When I was scrolling down I thought it was another picture of your mom, but thought it was weird she was wearing different clothes...then I read the caption. :) I'm glad they got to be there.