Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jack Update

- Jack is now sleeping in his toddler bed with no railing and a pillow. He still hasn't quite figured out the head and the foot of the bed yet. Quite frequently we finding him sleeping across the bed width wise curled up in a ball. Silly guy!

- Jack can also go down the stairs facing forward now. He was really good going down on his belly, but I realized once I started going to Bible study at a friends house that he really needed to go down on his feet instead. So we started working with him and now he's doing much better. He's so funny because he'll jump off the bed that's way higher, but certain heights really freak him out.

- Jack has entered the talking back stage earlier than Owen because he's had Owen to look up too. Not that talking back is accepted in our house, but it does happen. Last week Michael was trying to help Jack say something and Jack looked at him and said, "Stop it, be quiet!" As you can imagine that didn't go over well with Daddy. He got warned that if he told Daddy that again he would get sass juice. About 2 minutes later he got to taste sass juice for the first time.

- We've been trying to gear Jack up for potty training. He got a lot of undies for his 2nd birthday and we thought that would get him excited. Jack is a little indecisive though and he likes to be the one to come up with the idea on his own. He's gone poo on the potty twice now and pee once, but he doesn't have any desire to do it with regularity. The other day I had to buy him more diapers and I need to get the next size up. While comparing prices at Costco I noticed that the Costco brand were .236 a diaper and the Huggies brand were .261 a diaper so I got the Huggies brand. The Huggies brand have Mickey and Minnie on them and now I'm pretty sure he's never going to get potty trained!

- Jack is on the other end of the spectrum when it comes to food. He is almost 17 months younger than Owen and he weighs 26lbs. He will eat just about anything...making a mess every time. He's been told he's a mess so many times he now looks down at himself and says, "I mess!" He is particularly messy while eating strawberries. He devours them and the juice ends up dripping all over his belly and down his arms.

- Jack is such a silly little boy. He's always doing crazy things likes jumping and running around just making us laugh. Monkey has always been a big nickname in our family and Jack's been called it quite a bit. So much so that he now runs around with his arms out saying, "I monkey!"