Friday, July 16, 2010

Owen Update

- Owen and I have been working together on the sounds letters make. I use Starfall with him and he loves it. He's really good at the memory games they have. The other day I decided to just ask him what sounds each letter makes without clicking on them and he shocked me by knowing about half of them. He really is a little sponge!

- Owen is totally in love with Ella now. I knew he would come just took a while. He loves it when she smiles and talks to him. He loves to rub her tummy and kiss her head. He's always saying, "Mama, Ella is so happy!" He also likes to talk about how mommy's tummy got bigger and bigger and bigger and then the doctors took Ella out of my belly.

- In the past few months of me having mood swings Owen has picked up a few choice words such as...."dang" and "shut out"...he means shut up and I've appologized for using that word and it is a no no word in our house, but hey I'm human! It is a very humbling thing to have to appologize to your children, but a good lesson too. Everyone makes mistakes!

- Owen has gotten more musical in the last few months. He loves to sing songs, especially while jumping on his bed. His favorites right now are Happy Birthday and The Farmer In The Dell.

- We've been working on getting Owen to eat better. He is 3 1/2 years old and only 28lbs. He is quite picky to say the least and he wants to eat when he wants to eat. I bought and read the book, Child Of Mine: Feeding With Love And Good Sense and we learned a lot of good principles to follow. The main one is there is a division of responsibility when it comes to eating. My responsibilities as a parent are when we eat, what we eat and where we eat. It's the kids responsibility whether or not they want to eat it or how much they want to eat. It's been an adjustment and frankly it's a post all in itself.

- Owen amazes me with his memory. We took the boys to the dentist for the second time last week, mind you the last time we went was in December. When I told him we were going he said, "He's gonna clean my teeth and I get to look in the mirror." I hadn't even mentioned anything about the dentist until that moment. His mind is a steal trap! Speaking of teeth Owen is now brushing his teeth all by himself and using the spit out kind of toothpaste.

-Owen loves soda! No matter how much I tried to shelter the kids from that it was kind of inevitable once summer came around. We've been to lots of BBQ's and parties and root beer floats have been a staple and a yummy staple at that. But now Owen is pretty much in love when any kind of soda, not just root beer.

- We've been working on getting Owen to do more and more things on his own. It's come in handy a lot. One of the things that great he can do on his own is pulling his undies and pants up and then washing his hands after going potty. I love this!!!

- He's also sleeping at night in his regular undies. No more pull-ups! He wanted to do this a couple month ago so we started with naptime and he was able to make it, but all night was another thing. Last week he started asking again if he could just keep his regular undies on at night so we tried it and he's on day 3 of making it totally dry. We are so proud of our big boy!