Thursday, July 29, 2010

Renton River Days

On Sunday we decided to brave the heat and the crowds and head to Renton River Days to hear a friend of ours play his guitar on stage. The day had it's ups and downs, but overall I would say it was a learning experience...maybe next year will be better! :) The first good thing we got was awesome parking and it was in the shade!!!
I knew the firetruck would be a big hit with the boys. At first Owen was nervous because of his previous run in with them at the parade on Saturday. Once we told him they weren't going to make noise he was more relaxed.

He loved stepping on the brake because they have air brakes so it would make this hiss sound because of the air releasing.

They also had the firefighters on hand to let the kids turn the hoses on. Owen could almost turn the water off on his own.

Jack wasn't nearly as interested with the firefighter stuff he just did it because Owen did. He'll do pretty much anything Bubba does!

Once the Art Market opened at noon we went over to the stage area and sat down to watch our friend Fillip play. It was fun hearing live music.

This is when I broke out the peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches....a new favorite at our house!

The kids did really well, but after a while they started wanting to go play on the inflatables that were there. This is where things started to go downhill.

This is the last picture of Owen in his blue and white, no my child is fine and sleeping in the other room as I type this. But his hat is sadly gone! While playing on the inflatables he lost it and Daddy didn't notice and now it's gone. I have the number to the event coordinator so I need to call and see if it got turned into the loss and found after we left, but I'm still mourning it! I know, I know it's a hat!
While the boys were playing Ella and I stayed behind to continue listening to the music, but then I got a call from Michael asking me to come get Jack. Jack wasn't too thrilled about the inflatables either and it was hard for Michael to look after Jack and keep track of Owen running all over the place. So I went and picked up Jack and brought him back to the music area, but we left shortly after that due to both him and Ella having meltdowns.

Owen had so much fun during this time running through the inflatable obstacle course. Jack was so tired, but would not fall asleep in the stroller. Thankfully Ella was fast asleep in the Bjorn or I think I would have really lost it.

When I was finally tired of dealing with Jack and being scorched in the sun we walked over to the booths to look at all the things that were being sold. During this time I had to walk away from Michael and the boys because Owen was screaming about going on the inflatables over and over.

We left shortly after that and headed home for nap time. I think next year we are going to find a spot to sit with the beach umbrella and have some more relaxing time and not try to push it so much. It's all a learning process with this many kids. I know that when I'm tired I'm not happy and neither are they.