Friday, July 23, 2010

This Moment Of Peace & Quiet Is Brought To You By...

The Great Outdoors!!!

Today has been one of those days! It started off bad right from the start. Arguing, whining, hitting, whining, time out, whining, tattling...did I mention whining? After I lost my temper and yelled, "STOP WHINING!" I finally thought about opening the front door. Owen asked me, "Are you going bye bye Mama?"...."No, buddy I just thought I would open the door so you guys could go out and play if you wanted to." Well....that was all they needed! Why oh why didn't I think of that earlier? They went outside, pulled the grass, threw dirt (Jack ate some), ran around, rang the doorbell about 15 times and were just plain happy! It was peaceful! Then a few minutes later the whining returned so naptime came early!


Melody said...

I am so there! Nap time arrived at 11:00 at our house today! It's 2:00 now an they are STILL sleeping! I'm sure I'll regret it at bedtime, but I'm just gonna let them sleep away : )