Monday, July 19, 2010

Double Date

On Saturday my mom watched all 3 kiddos so Michael and I could go on a double date with Micah and Kim. After meeting at our church we carpooled with Micah and Kim up to north Seattle. We ate lunch at Romeo's Pizza & Pasta.
Micah and Kim had a coupon and $40 in vouchers so lunch was really inexpensive and really yummy!

After lunch we walked over to The Taproot Theater to see Man of La Mancha. They had a voucher that they had gotten from a silent auction and we had a voucher from Spirit 105.3. This was our third Taproot play, but it was Micah and Kim's first.

This was good, but a little hard to understand sometimes because it was musical. At one point Michael said he needed subtitles. (Here's a little tidbit you all might not know...Michael and I ALWAYS watch movies with the subtitles on. It helps me a lot, especially when someone has an accent)

Mom did great watching the kids. Uncle Ry and Stephie stopped by and kept her company and then once my Dad got off work he came over too. Ella refuses to take a bottle so in a 6 hr period she only had a half an ounce, but she really wasn't that cranky. She's a little chunky so she can handle a longer stretch between eating...she was definitely happy to see Mama though!