Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Let's Hit The Road!

The other day while Daddy was painting a house Owen really wanted me to take him out in his McQueen car. We haven't take him out in a while because of the lousy summer we've had and our street really isn't the safest. People go way too fast and Owen doesn't necessarily listen the best either. Since it had been so long I told Owen that Daddy would definitely take him out once he got home.
Pretty much the moment he saw Daddy he was asking him to take a drive. Michael wasn't too excited about it because he had just spent the whole day in the sun and really wanted to get out of it, but he's a great Daddy so he told Owen yes.

Owen was as you can imagine...pretty happy!

I thought that Jack might want to ride his Harley around as well. Ella and I were going to follow the boys to help Daddy, but Jack still doesn't quite have the mechanics down for riding long distances so he decided to join Owen instead.

Good plan right...unfortunately McQueen's battery wasn't charged as much as we thought it was. Michael and the boys had been gone for about 5-10 minutes when I get a call saying, "Can you come rescue me and the boys we're at the entrance of the neighborhood"? Poor boys didn't get the ride they were hoping for...oh well a little ride is better than no ride, I guess!