Friday, July 9, 2010


On Monday I went out with some friends and family to see Eclipse. I wish I had been able to go see it on opening night like New Moon...I love the atmosphere of being there with other crazy obsessed fans such as myself. :)
We decided to be big dorks and get our picture taken with the poster...the silly movie guy had us say "popcorn" for the picture and we were sillier than he was so we listened. Stephie is in the middle of saying, "pop" and I'm at the end of saying "corn" so we dorks!

I am TOTALLY team Jacob all the way!!!

We were little talkative/loud in the theater and I'm sure the people around us were wondering if they were going to have to club us once the movie started, but no way once it's started we calmed down. That is until we saw Taylor Lautner's chest....oh right that was just me swooning! All in all the movie rocked...I can't wait to see it again!