Saturday, July 16, 2011

They Didn't Miss Us One Bit....Okay Maybe Ella Did!

When we got to Ga-Ga & Pa's house to pick up the kids we walked in and all was quiet. For a second I thought maybe they were still napping, but they were actually outside playing in the backyard. When I opened the sliding glass door the first thing out of the boys' mouths were, "Mommy can you go away so we can stay at Ga-Ga & Pa's for a little longer?" Yeah I was feelin' the love! Kidding aside I'm SO glad they have a good time...makes it much easier to leave them knowing they are in good hands.

Ella Bean of course missed her Mommy, but even she did exceptionally well in comparison to the last time she stayed at Ga-Ga & Pa's. While she was there she even learned how to rock herself on her pretty pink pony and push the button to make it sing.

One of my parents neighbors is a big airplane enthusiast...he even flies those big remote control ones. He gave the boys these cool Styrofoam ones to have. In a matter of minutes Pa was having to repair you can see they are covered with lot of duct tape!

To go along with their playhouse Pa thought they should have a mailbox with their names on it. It even had junk mail in it!

This little dress Ella is wearing was one of the surprises we picked up for her while on our staycation. She is just SO fun to dress up! If only she enjoyed the getting dressed part!

Since the last time we were at Ga-Ga & Pa's, Pa had a chance to finish up the playhouse front porch area. It's just so adorable. Ella was loving sweeping and taking care of it.

This was our "bye-bye" Ga-Ga & Pa picture and as you can see Ella was just spent and Owen was being a goof ball, but Jack Jack looks great!