Saturday, January 7, 2017

Merry Christmas Charlie!!!

Before we had kids we had cats and I treated them like kids. They had stockings and they got presents for Christmas. This time around I wasn't going to make it a big deal. Charlie's a cat he doesn't know it's Christmas. He'd have so much fun with just boxes and wrapping paper. But....then my friend Erin posted on FB how she got his awesome cat condo.....kingdom really...for her new cat. I inquired about it and it was only $54 with free shipping!!! Yes Charlie already had a cat condo that we got for free from the Buy Nothing FB page, but Michael had already had to fix it since the top platform had fallen off. I had researched the cat condo we had and it was $38 from Wal-Mart and it was half the size of the one my friend had posted. So I clicked a couple things and it was on it's way from Amazon. 

According to Amazon's site it wasn't supposed to get here until January 9th, but who cares....a cat doesn't really know what day Christmas is. He won't mind! On Christmas Eve I opened up the front door because I thought it was snowing and I wanted to get a better look and there on the front porch was a box. I was completely shocked. I literally ordered it a 4 days prior and it was at my door....weeks ahead of time! Awesome!!! 

The first thing Michael said was...this can't be it! The box is way too small! 

Charlie knew something interesting was in there though! 

Michael got all the pieces out of the box and what do you know....

we should have just gotten him a box! 

Silly cat!! 

I was amazed at the amount of stuff they fit in that small box. It helped that the little house areas collapsed too! 

Almost done! 

Charlie couldn't wait he just had to come check it out. 


What's up there? 


It goes higher!


This is cool! 

It goes HIGHER????

Not really helping here!!! 

All the way at the top! 

I'm not gonna lie this thing is massive! It really did take a couple days to get used and I'm still not sure I want it to be the first thing you see when you walk in my front door, but it's awesome! 

Charlie loves it! He runs into the room and leaps on it and climbs to the top. 

He's not really interested in the houses, but that doesn't matter. 

The only thing we've changed is the ladders. He just jumps up and they got in the way so we removed those and he loves it even more. 

He absolutely loves to sleep on the upper platform. I think he feels like he's far enough away from the kids to get some peace....although they still try to bug him. 

The only negative thing about it was it smelled funny for the first few days. This almost nauseating smell, but thankfully that pasted quickly. 

Charlie loves it and I'm so happy we got him a Christmas present!