Thursday, January 5, 2017

12 Days Of Christmas - Day 11 - Christmas Eve!

On the 11th Day Ga-Ga & Pa brought the kids home. They made sure to get the kids home in time to watch the Seahawks game.....that's all I'm gonna say about that! UGH!!! 

Michael and I had to be at church early since I was singing in the choir and he was ushering. Ga-Ga and Pa got the kids all dressed and brought them to church for Christmas Eve Service. 

For the last few years our church has always made sure the kids have these goodie bags to play with during service. 

They have a nativity sheet that has a stable on it and then stickers to add to scene. There are also crayons and a battery operated candle so the kids can participate in the candlelight portion. 

A nice lady from the choir also went around and handed our candy canes to the kids. 


Waiting for service to begin. 

The choir all ready to go! 

I had a lot of fun singing in the Christmas choir this year. We performed at church every Sunday in December with the exception of Christmas Day....I think the choir would have been pretty small if we had performed on Christmas Day. 

After service pictures by the tree! 

Side note: I got my pretty silver and gold dress shirt at Value Villages months before Christmas and I just knew it would be perfect for Christmas Eve. I got it for 50% off so it only cost $3 or $4! 

They love their Ga-Ga & Pa!!! 

So blessed to celebrate life with this man!!!

After church we rushed over to Black Bear Diner for a late dinner hoping the wait wouldn't be too long. We were in luck and we only had to wait 10 minutes or so. The best part was the table they put us at was in it's own little nook. 

They always have fun games on the menus for the kids and for some reason they seem to entertain them longer at BBD more than any other restaurant! 

Us adults were even able to have nice conversation time so that's a plus! 

Cute mama boy! 

On the way out the kids had to have a picture with one of the bears! 

When we got home we read the Christmas story to the kids from the Jesus Storybook Bible and then it was off to bed for the kiddos. 

This year I decided to do something different for the kids Santa gifts. I went with food items. I thought it would be fun to purchase either food items that each kid loves that I wouldn't necessarily buy at all or I wouldn't buy it only for them. 

Owen got the giant bucket of cheese balls, Jack got a giant jar of maraschino cherries, Ella got a giant carton of cheddar blast goldfish crackers and Zeke got a giant bag of "green" chips aka sour cream and onion. 

Later on Michael got a Christmas miracle...Charlie actually sat on his lap!!!