Wednesday, January 4, 2017

12 Days Of Christmas - Day 10 - Adventures At Ga-Ga & Pa's!

For the 10th day of Christmas I took the kids down to my parents house for some fun with Ga-Ga & Pa. I stayed and chatted for a bit and then I drove home to be with Michael. He only worked a half day so we were able to go out for lunch, see a movie and go out for dinner. 

Ga-Ga had plans for the kids to help her make ultimate chocolate chip cookies! 

They are ultimate because instead of being made with butter they are made with Crisco! 

It's kind of crazy how many of our Christmas tradition revolve around food! The kids sure got a lot of practice baking! 

Zeke loves to crush up the pecans. 

Of course he's not quite strong enough yet! 

They each got to help dump stuff in the mixer! 

Ga-Ga had separated things out into little bowls...kind of like those cooking shows do! 

I'm kind of surprised there's not flour all over the counter top. 

Good helper!

The best part....chocolate! 

After shopping they helped Ga-Ga wrap our presents.

Pizza for dinner! 

Once it got dark they piled in the Aspen and drove around looking at the Christmas lights! 

Of course they got to enjoy the cookies they helped make!