Thursday, December 29, 2016

12 Days Of Christmas - Day 9 - Decorating Day & Christmas with Papa & Grandma Martin!

On Day 9 Kim and the kids came over to decorate cookies. First we organized Legos and talked while the kids played, then we had lunch and then we decorated cookies. 

The kids all ready to decorate! Since each kiddo got 5 cookies I went around and had them each pick one and then I went around and around until they all had 5. The only exception to that was I get the girls their butterfly and two hearts right away. 

This year instead of using frosting I decided to make icing. Kim and I piped the icing on the cookies and then the kids added the decorations! 

Andrew being very careful to not get too many sprinkles! 

Caitlynn got one cookie decorated and then just starting eating. She wasn't worried about decorating the other ones right away. 

Owen made his present look like it had striped wrapping paper! 

Josiah getting some icing on his cookies! 

Jackson put a red cinnamon candy on Rudolph's nose! 

Kim brought the sprinkles and it was so nice that she had some white and chocolate sprinkles that Ella could use since she can't use the colored ones. 

Zeke's decorated cookies! 

All of Owen's decorated cookies! 

Ella's pretty cookies! 

Jackson's cookies minus the two I let them each eat! 

Later that night Papa & Grandma Martin came over to celebrate Christmas with us. I made dinner for us and then the kids watched a movie so we could visit. Michael's mom is getting more and more frail...she fell a week or so ago and almost fractured her pelvic bone. It's hard for her to get around, but Papa is taking such good care of her. 

Papa with his the kiddos! 

Papa got the boys a gift to share! 

It's a hunting game with an infrared gun. Michael got it all set up, but for some reason it wasn't working. After Christmas I'm going to call the company and talk with them. It has a 90 day warranty so I'm sure they'll help us out. The kids are super excited to play with it. 

Papa wasn't sure how I would feel about his gift to Ella so he did warn us that we might not approve! 

Frozen nail polish! Ella loves nail polish so this gift was spot on! 

We got Papa & Grandma a calendar like we always do. This year I decided to go through Shutterfly instead of Costco and I'm never going back to using Costco. The quality is SO much better and there are SO many more choices. It really ended up looking like a scrapbooked the whole thing. Loved it! 

Papa also got Michael a cool emergency kit for his car and he got me a photo book. 

It was so nice to get to spend that time with him and mom.