Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Only In The PNW!!!

On December 13th while I was at my MOPS party it started to snow. Thankfully I had taken my parents to the airport earlier in the week and I had their car with the studded snow tires on it to drive home in. It handled great! The closer I got to our house the less snow there was. I was so bummed. I really wanted it to snow at least enough for the kids to play in. According to the weather report the snow was supposed to turn to rain in the night and it would probably be gone by morning. The next morning I woke up and my prayers were answered and the snow was still around! 

I got the kids up and they got all dressed and ready to go out and play. It had already started to rain a bit so I knew they only had a limited time. Their school was two hours late so they didn't have to rush to get on the bus so that was nice! 

Mommy it's raining!!! 

Just a light dusting, but enough to play in! 

Boy is this face different from the past times I've tried to get him to play in the snow!!! 

Happy girl! 

Enjoying the snow while it's lasts! 

I thought it would be fun to let Charlie out to experience snow for the first time. 

He was trying not to walk on it. He would put two of his paws up on the edge of the railing and then only have to walk on the snow with the other two. Silly boy! 

He did want to explore more than I thought he would! 

Love those cute snow paw prints! 

Play play play! 

The kids started scraping snow off everything they could so they could build small snowmen on the picnic table. 

Come on mom take the picture I want to play! 

I really hope the fact that we've had snow on two separate occasions so far this year that it means we'll have more to come!