Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Back in November we had dinner at Micah and Kim's house. After dinner while the kids played Micah and Kim introduced Michael and I to the game of Catan. They could not believe we had never played it before and they knew we would really enjoy it. Well they were right so when I went shopping with my mom on Black Friday I decided to go ahead and buy it as a family gift. Normally we buy one family gift at Christmas...last year it was the BB Gun. This year I just couldn't wait until Christmas. I knew the boys would love it and I wanted to play it with them now. 

It has been so much fun playing it with them. The age range on the box says the kids should be 10 and up, but if your kid likes strategy games they will love this. 

I love how each of the boys have there thing that drives them. For Jack it's absolutely the Developmental Cards. He's always trying to buy as many as he can! 

For Owen it's the longest road! He has to get that and he gets very upset when someone takes the longest road card from him. We've even had to have a talk about good sportsmanship because he wants that card so badly! 

The kids have also enjoyed stacking up the pieces when it's not their turn. They actually have made some pretty cool looking castles. 

Ella and Zeke are most definitely too young to play, but they do love rolling the dice and playing with the pieces. 

What I love about this is game is that every time it's different. For some of it it's just the luck of the draw, but there is strategy involved. I think Michael has won the most games, but Jack, Owen and I have all won at least once as well. Now I really want to get the expansion packs that go along with the game!