Friday, July 21, 2017

What A Beautiful Life!

On Saturday July 8th we celebrated the life of Michael's Mom. It was held at his parents church in Auburn.

The stage was adorned with pictures of Mom and flowers that had been sent to honor her! 

Later on after the first picture was taken they actually found another easel so the picture on the right didn't have to lean on the floor. 

Some of the pictures were from before her Alzheimer's had taken it's toll and couple were from the more recent years. 

The one on the far right is from years ago....Mom was quite stylish! 

In the foyer of the church there was a reception desk that we placed Rick and Carol's wedding album on. There were also bookmarks with Mom's picture the date of her birth and dead and also a sweet saying about Carol Dancing With The Angels. 

On another table in the foyer of the church we put more pictures of Mom, a scrapbook that was made for her as a graduation was all about her life. We thought it was fitting to display Mom's Americana Disney Jean Jacket since it was her favorite. My SIL Shana did all the flower arrangements that were on this table and all the tables in the reception area. She did a great job! 

After the emotional part of the memorial was over we ate wonderful food...thank you Jon and Becky....then we visited! I think that's one of the best things about funerals or memorials....they truly bring people together. I honestly think that this would have brought Mom the most joy! We are family, but lets be happens! Days turn into weeks that turn into years before you see some people. I decided that since we were all together we might as well document it.

It started with a few of the cousins! 
Camryn, Stevie and Avery! 

Then we got all the cousins involved! Back row L-R Paige, Camryn, Stevie, Avery holding Zeke, Cooper. Front row L-R Ella, Samantha, Little J is standing in front of Sam, Jackson and Owen. 

It's in the genes!!!! 

Then I thought why stop there we need a picture of all the kids and their spouses! 
L-R Michael & I, Becky & Jon, Shana & Steve and Rick & Michelle. 

Then we decided to toss Dad into the middle of the craziness!!! 

Then we took individual family pictures! 
Shana, Steve & Stevie. 

James was the only cousin that was missing...he's younger and Shana felt that it would have been hard for him to attend.

My brood! Owen is not quite tall enough to be standing behind Jack, but I didn't notice that at the time. 

Jon, Becky, Camryn & Samantha!!! 

Cooper, Avery, Rick Jr holding Little J, Michelle and Paige in front. 

It really was a beautiful day....celebrate the life of a beautiful woman!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

There's A Surprise Around Every Corner!

On Friday July 7th the kids really wanted to go out and try to find some garage sales. I was all for it, but unfortunately I don't know if people just knew they'd be busy over the 4th of July and not have time to put a garage sale together or what, but there were no garage sales. We did a sign for an Estate Sale and since it was one of only a few signs I actually saw I followed it. We drove down into a neighborhood in Federal Way where I've never been before. We went to the house and I quickly realized this wasn't going to be something that had anything for kids. There wasn't anything set up you just had to go through the house and thanks! When we were driving to the house I noticed this little park, but none of the kids did so I thought it would be fun to surprise them with an impromptu playtime. 

This park was absolutely deserted! We didn't see anyone while we were there. It was so nice! 

It had something for all the kids! 

It was very American Ninja Warrior like which is right up my kids alley!!

Go Spidey Go!!! 

Ella was wearing the dress I had bought her at Value Village, but that didn't stop her from climbing the rock wall. 

This big rope was fun to walk across...even I did it! 

I recently watched that movie called The Wire and the guy that balanced on the wire between the Twin Towers in NYC prior to them being opened. It was 1/4 of a mile up in the air and he had no harness. I couldn't even walk across this without holding onto the ropes. 

Cute big guy!!! 

Look at me! 

I remember a day when Jack couldn't barely hang from his arms and hold his own weight. 

The monkey bars were his nemesis! 

But look at him now! He's a pro! 

I see you!!!! 

The kids really did have so much fun and it was fun for me too! We had all been a bit short with each other so it was good to get out and have fun and lighten our moods! 

It was fun how all the different areas connected to each other. 

There was a big grassy area as was really a decent size park. No real parking though...I just pulled over on the side of the street. 

I thought this bridge would be a cute place to get a picture of the kids. 

Back at the playground I wanted to see how many kids it would take to lift me up on the seesaw.....3 boys! 

Poor Zeke looks squished! 

He's still smiling though! 

Ella's favorite thing by far on any playground is the turning bars. She could flip and hang all day long. 

I wanted to get going and see if we could find an actual garage sale so I told the kids to run and do their favorite thing one last time. 

Ella ran to the turning bar, Owen went to the giant rope sphere, Zeke is doing the rope ladder and Jack was all about jumping from rock to rock. We will most definitely be hitting this park up again! Funny thing is I don't even remember the name of it!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Red, White & Blue!

This year Michael was on-call over the 4th of July so he had to stay home while I went down to be with Ga-Ga & Pa. 

Ga-Ga & Pa had actually had the kids since the night of the 1st. It was nice to have a bit of away time from them and it was good for them to have quality time with their grandparents! 

At first we weren't sure if Uncle Ry and Aunt Stephie were going to be able to make it, but they did and it was so nice to see them. Uncle Ry manned the grill for us! 

The hosts with the most! 

I wanted to get some cute pictures of the kids where the lighting was better, but the poor kids are being almost blinded by the sun. 

I bought Ella's dress from an ad I saw on Facebook a few months ago. It was supposed to be a Mommy and Me set. I still haven't rec'd mine and I'm pretty sure I never will. Oh well! She loves her and it's so cute on her! 

Owen didn't want to wear his hand-print shirt from last year so he chose this Red, White & Rock and Roll shirt! 

Zeke LOVES his hand-print shirt and wears it all the time. He had brought it to Ga-Ga & Pa's and then he wore it in the sandbox so it was dirty. 

I've been so impressed with how well the hand-print shirts have held up. The colors still look vibrant! Since they still fit the kids this year I thought it would be silly to make new ones...that and the Kuch's couldn't join us this year and I would have been sad making shirts without them. I do have a design in mind for next year though! 

Stephie was still recovering from a recent surgery so she was tired and they wanted to head home. 

So much fun celebrating with family! 

I just love all the red, white and blue clothing and decorations!!!!

Mom and Dad have beautiful patriotic bunting they put out on the front porch looks so nice!!! 

So much so I thought it would be fun to take pictures with the kids! 

I love everything about this picture except that Michael isn't in it! 

In years past we've taken the kids to Safeway and bought some fireworks, but this year was more subdued. Since Michael was home and the Jack and Ella had Summer Learning the next day I didn't want to spend the night or stay super late. In fact we left at 9pm and it wasn't even dark out yet....Owen was crying his head off in the van! He wanted to stay so bad! Next year will be back to normal since Michael for sure won't be on-call.

The kids did get to enjoy seeing some fireworks that the neighbors were shooting off. I'm not a huge fireworks fan...especially when kids are the ones light them and they haven't been taught. One girl had a lit Roman Candle and pointed it into the crowd honestly not know that it was going to shoot a firework out. Totally ridiculous! I was just waiting for someone to end up going to the hospital. In fact later that night there was an ambulance that came and got someone from the neighbors right next to my parents...not because of fireworks though. We think it might have been an overdose! 

I thought I would try for individual pictures again! 

Handsome boy! 

Love that cute braces smile! 

My boys! 

Ella carting Zeke around! 

If you saw my post on FB you'll know that the caption on this picture is...."Jack you know I just farted on you!" 

Like I said we stay until 9am and then it was time to head out. It wasn't a normal 4th of July, but it was memorable and next year will be even better! At least I hope there won't be any tears from my oldest!