Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Halloween 2018!

Normally I don't like it when Halloween is on a week day, but if it had to be on a week day it was nice that it was on a Wednesday that had early release!! Michael got off a couple hours early so we were able to head down to Ga-Ga & Pa's early and miss most of the traffic. Yahoo! 

I love this picture!!! 

It can be interpreted in one of two ways...the first being that Owen in all his Halo might has just punched poor Captain America or...second being that Captain America is so annoyed with this arrogant Halo guy shining in the spot light he'd like him to move along already! Either way it's hilarious! 

When we decided that Jack had to be Captain America...again...we could not find his mask. Thankfully Kim's boys had this fabric one that worked and they didn't need it for Halloween. 

Elena of Avalor is all ready and she did not even wear a coat! 

Cute fireman! The best thing about this costume is that it's so warm. The fabric is really thick..perfect for trick or treating! 

Come on already!! Let's get some candy! 

This year it rained almost the whole time. Thankfully it was a light sprinkle really. We went down a street in Ga-Ga & Pa's neighborhood that we've never gone down. There was another house on the main road where they were handing out hot chocolate with whipped cream. It was so nice.

Owen's haul! 

Jack's pile of candy! 

Ella's mound before we took out all the dye candy and traded them for her brothers chocolate candy. 

Zeke's mountain of sugar! 

On Halloween night I let the kids have 6 pieces of candy. After that they can take 2 pieces everyday in their lunch and then they can have another 2 pieces if they finish their dinner. 

After the Fall Festival and Halloween we were left with 9 gallon sized bags of candy! Oh my!

We ended up giving a bag to Michael for work. We also put some stuff in the van in case of emergencies. I got so sick of the bags being on the counter that we finally organized the candy and put them in storage containers in the snack cabinet. 

I'm pretty sure we're going to have enough candy to get us to Easter! 

Monday, December 3, 2018

Riverview Community Fall Festival 2018!

Our church puts on a Fall Festival every year. Last year the weather was amazing. This year.....POURING RAIN for the first 45 minutes. That didn't really stop the kids from coming though.  

I was volunteering at registration so Michael ran the game out of our van. I scored when I was shopping at Target one day. I found this awesome tailgate target game with this target that you can attached to the back of you car and then you throw these two velcro balls at it and they stick....well some of the time they do. If they hit the target with the velcro portion. Michael said it was a big hit and the kids kept coming back time and time again. The best part was it was on clearance for $7!!! 

Meranda had an adorable donut themed car! 

Don dressed his truck up as Cookie Monster and then he got these costumes for him and his daughter Rosie. He also gave out small packs of Oreo cookies since he works for Nabisco. It was so cute! 

Jacob and Elizabeth made their car look like the Hundred Acre Woods. Jacob even made himself ears and a tail like Tigger. Elizabeth was Piglet and Lucy James was the cutest Pooh Bear ever!!! 

Brenda jumped ship for the day and was a Bronco fan with Kim to match her decorations! 

Avery was Cruella Deville and Teresa was a Dalmation puppy! 

The Berg's had a car devoted to Baby Boos. My kids LOVE those things! They are definitely way cuter than the Beanie Babies of my youth. 

Al & Cathie were the best pirates I've seen!!! 

Some of the youth kids worked the snow cone machine. One of the cars was actually giving out hot apple cider and I do mean HOT. So hot I had the genius idea to go over to the snow cone table and I asked for a plain snow cone so I could cool down the cider so the kids could drink it. 

Look at this cute little Prince Charming!!! 

Pastor Andy had a Fiesta car...unfortunately somehow during the coarse of the day it turned into a Fista Car. 

The Keller's manned the popcorn table! 

The Young's had a TMNT car! 

Of course there were lots of volunteers helping out behind the scenes. Like Nathan and John...they were delivering candy to all the cars. 

Here are the cute Dial kids!!! I remember the first time they came with us to the Fall Festival....Lily was just a baby bumble bee and now she's a 2nd grade Batgirl!!! 

Of course I said..."Say Happy Halloween" so their mouths look funny. Owen wore his Halo costume again, Jack was Captain America...even though he didn't want to be, Ella was Elena of Avalor and Zeke was a Fireman. 

Face painting is fun! 

Owen was a kitty cat....by the time I got home he had already washed it off. 

Zeke wanted to head back to Mr. Cookie Man's car to get more cookies. I figured that he needed to get a picture with Elmo.

It was tons of fun and I'm so happy I wasn't the one running the car this year. :) 

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Fall Placemat Craft!

One day on our way home from school Ella really started to notice the leaves on the ground and how pretty they were. She wanted to pick them up...in fact I think she might have picked them all if she could have. 

Future leaf raker business maybe??? 

I had remembered making this craft when I was younger so I thought it would be fun to make with Ella. All we needed was some wax paper, color crayons, a cheese grater and an iron. 

Ella was having fun picking out exactly which ones she wanted to use. 

So many pretty colors! 

Once she had the leaves arranged the way she wanted them on the piece of wax paper, I had her pick a color crayon and I grated some of the crayon all over. Then we put another piece of wax paper on top and ironed it together. Because of the heat it melts the crayon all over the leaves.  

She was so exited she had me email her picture to her teacher. 

She also had enough leaves left over so Zeke could make his own fall placemat too. 

Sadly I think we were supposed to dry the leaves first so they got all wet and gross and we had to throw them away. The kids did get to use them for a couple weeks so that was good.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Capital Lake Field Trip!

Since I'm not working I have been able to volunteer more at school. Still not as much as I'd like, but it's definitely been more than last year. I try to volunteer on Thursday afternoons after I volunteer at church. Thursday is a busy day for me! Owen came home from school in the beginning of October with a chaperone form for an upcoming field trip to Capital Lake in Olympia. Owen told me he wasn't going to go unless I was a chaperone. I love that my 6th grader actually wants me to go with him. 

I had to show up at the school by 8:50 since the buses were leaving at 9am. There are quite a few kids in Owen's class that know me and they love that I know their names. They even are okay if I call them by the wrong name. Haha! Poor Eric I called him Kane because he looks just like another kids that was in Jack's class last year. He was so sweet about it. 

The entire middle school grades were going. Which for our school isn't a ton...it's one class of 6th, one class of 7th and one class of 8th grade. Some of the kids were complaining about the fact that the drive was going to be an hour long! Owen and I were fine though...we chatted and then we both hunkered down in our seat and read our books. It didn't even seem like it had been a whole hour and we were getting off the freeway. I even heard some of the kids say...we're already here!!! 

The buses were parked a couple blocks away from the lake. I thought we were going to be staying there until at least 1 or 2pm, but due to a bus driver shortage we were only able to stay until 12:15. We got there around 10am so we only had 2 hours to look around. 

Capital Lake is a man made lake that's on the back side of the capital building. The reason the kids were there was to observe the lake, write your findings and make suggestions on how to improve it. 

The lake from afar looked nice, but it was really disgusting. There was all this algae and there was even a dead duck and fish just floating on the surface. There was a lot of litter as well. There was a whole section that smelled SO bad....ewwww! 

At first we all were in the same area and what I learned from being a chaperone at Ella's zoo field trip a couple years ago was to not be with everyone. It just gets crazy! Gradually we started walking and so did other groups of kids and chaperones so after a while we were on our own.

I had 4 kiddos from the 6th grade and 3 kids from the 7th grade. The 4 from 6th grade I have known for years, but the other 3 I didn't really know at all. 

It was interesting to hang out with them and see the change in the kids from being around the big group of kids and then being in the small group. There was one person in particular that really changed. At first this person wasn't really into it at all and then as more time past this person let their guard down.

The fall colors were beautiful! 

When we got there I wasn't really given very many instructions other than make sure the kids are back at the bus on time. The kids all had clipboards with a paper that had questions for them to answer. As far as I knew we were just supposed to walk around the lake. 

We made it all around the lake and we had about 30 minutes or so before it was time to go to the bus. That's when I asked to see one of the kids papers and towards the back was a map of the area around the capital with the names of different buildings and monuments. It was a scavenger hunt sort of game. I felt so bad that the kids missed out on this, but no one told me about it at all. The kids were all so sweet and said they were glad we didn't do that. They really liked taking our time walking around the lake. 

There was this hill with a bench on top of it that I sat on and the kids ran around. After a little while another parent chaperone came along and she didn't know about the scavenger hunt either. That made me not feel so bad. We were back on the bus by 12:15 and were on the road shortly after that and back at the school around 1:30pm. It was so fun being with the kids and that says a lot because hanging out with middle school kids wouldn't be something I would think was fun. 

When Owen came home that afternoon he had a card for me signed by almost all the kids. Eric is such a sweet kid....he even told Owen that he has such a cool mom!!! It just goes to show that if you've been a constant in your kid's life at school than the kids that are with them at school also get to know you and they don't think of you as some weird parent. Almost every time I volunteer I hear some kid tell one of my kids that they are so lucky because their mom comes to school. 

Owen has another field trip coming up next week. They are going to the UW to the Seismology Department. That sounds like so much fun! I'm hoping I get to go!

Friday, November 30, 2018

Family Picture Day!

Last year my friend Starr that always takes our family pictures decided to put photography on the back burner. I wasn't sure if we were even going to get family pictures taken at all. But then one day I got a message from her saying that she was trying to earn some money for vacation so she was scheduling a day of shoots in September. 

At first I wanted to have pictures taken at Lake Retreat...we are having our Women's Retreat out there next March and my co-leader and I had just visited and it was gorgeous. Of course that's not something they let people do. She said that since we were going to be staying there she would have said yes, but they were having a Men's Retreat that same weekend so there would be people everywhere. Starr was planning on meeting another family at Lake Wilderness so we just decided to meet there as well.

I will share her professional pictures in a different post. 

I love this picture of Ella and her Daddy. 

Of course when we were trying to take pictures all the kids wanted to do was play.

It was really a beautiful day...just a little cool. 

After pictures we let the kids climb, jump and play. 

Then Daddy started a pinecone fight. 

Armed and ready!

Handsome man!

The sass is...

strong with...

 this one!

Cute girl!


Not sure why I'm getting the stink eye!! 

More pinecone battles! 

Boys being boys! 

For pictures I bought Ella shoes just like mine and a jean jacket at Target. It's from Cat & Jack and it has sweatshirt sleeve and a hood with cat ears. It's so cute. I had to make her wear the one and only pair of jeans she has instead of leggings and she looks so adorable in them, but she just hates it. Girlfriend doesn't know what's good for her!!! 

My new favorite picture of us! 

Little guy...big tree! 

Time to go! 

On the way home we ended up stopping at Wendy's for the kids to have frosties and I had a full meal since I didn't have anything to eat for lunch. It was a rare occasion for us to actually eat at a fast food place. If we eat fast food we will get it in the drive thru and then eat it at home. It just drives me crazy how so many people use foul language all the time. Just normal casual conversation! When did it become okay to speak like that in front of children?? Ugh...