Sunday, August 12, 2007

Boeing Family Fun Fair

Today was such a fun day!!! GG & Peepaw, Grandma & Grandpa Grant, Jim & Norean, Uncle Ryan, Aunt Kim, Justin, Tyler, Michael, Owen and I all went to the Boeing Family Fun Fair down in Frederickson. There was so much to do and eat! We went down one of those inflatable slides more than once, climbed a rock wall, competed in a miniature boat race and tried out Velcro golf. We wanted Owen to have his face painted, but he kept turning his head so he got a turtle tattoo on his forearm instead. He also got a bunch of toys - a soft baseball and football and a cute fireman hat. We ate hot dogs, chips, apples, cotton candy, snow cones and popcorn. After all that we even got to tour my Dad's building and see all the different machines and parts that it takes to make an airplane wing. It was a great time!