Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jack's Baby Shower

Last Sunday afternoon my mom through me and Jack a baby shower. It was down at her new house in Orting. Jack got lots of cute clothes and some essentials that we needed. We really don't need that much stuff since we saved everything that Owen used. In fact most of the items I registered for were big boy things that Owen would use first and then Jack later on. It was just great fun to hang out with friends and family.

My cousin Tara got this airplane for Owen. It's so cute. It's soft and squishy and it has three buttons you can push to make it work. One button sings a song, the other one is like someone talking over the radio and the third just makes airplane noises, but all of them make the propeller spin round and round. Too cute!!!

This is my friend Kim, our pregnancies are only separated by 18 days! I'm due on June 9th and she's due on June 27th. Nice timing, huh?? She is having a boy as well so hopefully Jack and Andy will be good buddies when they grow up.