Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Owen's New Glasses!

At Owen's well check-up this year we found out that he has one good eye and one bad eye. The good eye had been overcompensating for the bad eye so he felt like he could see fine. A few days after that appointment I called the local Family Eye Clinic that's only 2 minutes from our house and made an appointment. You might remember that Owen has had glasses before. Back then I took him to Dr. Shelley and he just looked in Owen's eyes with a lens and then figured out his prescription from that. There were no choices for Owen. That really bothered me and Owen kept complaining that he couldn't see with his glasses. I decided that Owen didn't need to wear them and when the time came for him to get checked out again we would be going to an eye doctor that would let him have choices. For a few years now he's been fine. He would get his annual exam at school and he would do great, but the time had come for him to get a real thorough exam. 

The doctor was super nice and just let Owen talk her ear off! 

I love how he's sitting there like such a big guy with his leg crossed! 

As I was suspecting he needed glasses. He was not thrilled to say the least. In fact Ella had to be checked out that day as well and she really wanted glasses, but didn't need them and Owen didn't want them and needed them...figures right!!! 

A little over a week later his glasses were in! 

Handsome boy! 

His left eye is really bad the lens is much thicker than the right. At first he was not very happy with having to wear them, but he's slowly getting more used to it. Thankfully there were only a couple kids that said nasty things to him at school. Owen has really thick skin so it didn't bother him too much!