Wednesday, December 13, 2017

This Is What Happens When You Take Away Electronics!

The boys both got in trouble the day before Thanksgiving so they had their electronics privileges taken away. So that meant while Ga-Ga & I were out shopping on Black Friday they had to come up with some form of entertainment. 

Enter the game of war. 

It was so nice actually seeing the older boys play together. In fact right around Thanksgiving is when I decided that we were going to be changing the electronics timeframe. Now instead of the kids getting 2 hours they only get 30 minutes. I told them it was becoming too hard to get things done or spend time together as a family because I didn't want to interrupt their electronic time. Now the kids get electronics from 4:30-5pm which is perfect since that's the time I'm usually making dinner anyways. So far they haven't been too upset about it, but I'm sure that also happens to be in part because of the time of year it is. We usually watch a lot of family movies in the winter especially around Christmas so they definitely aren't being deprived of screen time. Heaven forbid!