Thursday, November 8, 2018

Staff Boat Day!

The whole first week the kids were in school I was still working at the church training my replacement. On Friday of that week Pastor Andy wanted to take the staff out for the day on his boat. It was such a gorgeous day and it was so much fun to go on the boat again!!! 

Jessica and I soaking up the sun! 

The blue sky was so pretty! 

The water was really calm just like it was when Pastor Andy took the whole family out. 

We went through the Montlake Cut on the way to Lake Union. 

Staff fun! 

Unfortunately I'm not a pro at selfies so I cut poor Pastor Andy off! 

Jessica is so cute and little she's always freezing. Thankfully Pastor Andy had tons of blankets on board. 

We motored around Lake Union...saw the drawbridge open, saw the Sleepless in Seattle house and then headed over to Duke's Chowder house for lunch. Jessica's hubby met us there and then we gave him a ride back to work since he works right on the water. 

On the way back to Coulon Park we went by the house that has the T-Rex skeleton in it. I was able to get a great picture of the house right next door to it which is my favorite house on the water. I love the Cape Cod's just so beautiful! 

Ron ended up jumping in the water right by Bill Gates house and it completely shocked me and Jessica because we weren't expecting it. Evidently he had trunks on under his pants and while we were busy looking at the houses he started undressing and then just yelled...."Hey" or something like that and he walked up to the front of the boat and jumped in. It was so funny! I honestly was bummed that I didn't wear my suit because I probably would have jumped in with him. 

It was such a beautiful, fun day and it was my last official day as part of the staff. Now I'm an office volunteer and I love it!!!!