Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Halloween 2018!

Normally I don't like it when Halloween is on a week day, but if it had to be on a week day it was nice that it was on a Wednesday that had early release!! Michael got off a couple hours early so we were able to head down to Ga-Ga & Pa's early and miss most of the traffic. Yahoo! 

I love this picture!!! 

It can be interpreted in one of two ways...the first being that Owen in all his Halo might has just punched poor Captain America or...second being that Captain America is so annoyed with this arrogant Halo guy shining in the spot light he'd like him to move along already! Either way it's hilarious! 

When we decided that Jack had to be Captain America...again...we could not find his mask. Thankfully Kim's boys had this fabric one that worked and they didn't need it for Halloween. 

Elena of Avalor is all ready and she did not even wear a coat! 

Cute fireman! The best thing about this costume is that it's so warm. The fabric is really thick..perfect for trick or treating! 

Come on already!! Let's get some candy! 

This year it rained almost the whole time. Thankfully it was a light sprinkle really. We went down a street in Ga-Ga & Pa's neighborhood that we've never gone down. There was another house on the main road where they were handing out hot chocolate with whipped cream. It was so nice.

Owen's haul! 

Jack's pile of candy! 

Ella's mound before we took out all the dye candy and traded them for her brothers chocolate candy. 

Zeke's mountain of sugar! 

On Halloween night I let the kids have 6 pieces of candy. After that they can take 2 pieces everyday in their lunch and then they can have another 2 pieces if they finish their dinner. 

After the Fall Festival and Halloween we were left with 9 gallon sized bags of candy! Oh my!

We ended up giving a bag to Michael for work. We also put some stuff in the van in case of emergencies. I got so sick of the bags being on the counter that we finally organized the candy and put them in storage containers in the snack cabinet. 

I'm pretty sure we're going to have enough candy to get us to Easter!