Friday, November 1, 2019

Fall Camping!

When we first bought the trailer my goal was to always take it out at least 4 times a year. Why have one if you aren't going to use it right?!?! The first year we had the trailer 2018 we used it for the Camping Trip from Hell, 4th of July at my parents house, Jenning's Family Reunion and Our Oregon Camping, here and here. All in all a super successful first year of adventures! 

Then 2019 happened...with almost all of Michael's vacation being used up for our trip to Maui or time off to paint the house we only made it out twice. The first time was our "End of the School Year" camping trip at Deception Pass (here and here) that turned into "Yay you only have 3 more days of school" camping trip due to snow days. 

The last trip of 2019 was in October. I have actually wanted to go Fall Camping for a while now. There is something about being out in nature when it's a little bit colder that makes it so fun. I love to sit around the fire and actually need the warmth coming from it. We decided to go during the second weekend in October since the kids were off from school on Friday, October 11th. Michael got off work early so we get to the campground to set up before it was dark downside of camping later in the season. 

Another slight downside of camping later in the season especially after a wet summer was the lack of firewood. All summer long there was no burn ban so the campground (Dash Point State Park) didn't have any firewood for sale. The nice thing about staying at Dash Point was we were only about 15 - 20 minutes from home. After we got the trailer set up Michael drove home, load up some wood and stopped at the gas station to get the second propane tank filled up. 

Our campsite was really nice...on the left side of the trailer we had some tall blackberry bushes so it felt private. There were also some bushes on the right side as well...even further on the right was the trail that led to the bathrooms. 

This was the best part though!!! 

Our campsite opened up to this enormous field! It was amazing! The kids could run and play. They brought a soccer ball and a frisbee so it was perfect! They also made friends with some kids at another campsite. Isn't that the best thing about playing in nature and make new friends! 

It was also great that the bathrooms were right there so the kids could run and go anytime and we could watch them from the campsite. We also use the bathroom inside the trailer, but mainly only after dark.  

 Our picnic table was nice, but not really in a good location. It seems like at most campground your table is right outside the door of the trailer. At this particular site it was about 10-15 ft behind the trailer. It just wasn't as convenient in regards to making trips from inside the trailer over and over again. We only ended up sitting at it and eating once. 

While Michael and Jack went to the house and the gas station I got dinner ready. I had been wanting to try those crescent roll wrapped hot dogs over the fire for a while now. I was a bit nervous about the dough being undercooked in the middle so I left them on a little bit longer. They were definitely done and surprisingly everyone loved them.

While I was cooking the kids were enjoying the trailer and the campsite. 

When Michael got back we ate dinner and enjoyed the fire for bit, but shortly after that it was getting cold and dark so we we headed in for the night. I had bought the kids a new game called Santorini on clearance at Walmart for $7. I quickly looked up the reviews online and they looked good, but I knew even if they didn't like the game they would enjoy building with all the little pieces. 

Michael was in bed asleep by 7:30pm while the kids played around until around 9pm. I stayed up reading my book a little later than that. 

In the morning we got up around 7am and started making breakfast. Since it was so cold out we cooked everything inside the trailer....Bacon, eggs and toast. 

After that Michael took the kids on a 4 mile hike while I got to stay in the trailer and read! It was glorious! I will say that I felt guilty for not going at first. I hate when the kids go on an adventure without me...I love making memories with them, but at the same time they need to go and have fun times with only Daddy. They have had SO many fun adventures with just me...they need to get that same experience with Daddy. And if that wasn't enough major win points for Michael he even took tons of picture of their hike. 

This was the book I was so wrapped up in. It was excellent! If you are at all interested in the events of 9/11 and want a through comprehensive look at it this is the book. 

After Michael got back we had a quick sandwich lunch and then drove down to the beach to explore a bit. 

Rocks and water always a fun mix! 

Especially when you can climb on the rocks! 

Michael was carrying a bag full of blankets. I thought we might be able to lay on them in the sand, but once I saw all the sand fleas jumping around that was a no go! 

The kids bought me this scarf last year at Christmas time. I had only wore it once...mainly because it leaves little white fuzzy bits everywhere. I do love it and it's SO long it made a great scarf/hat. Michael was laughing at me, but I didn't care since my neck and ears were nice and warm! 

If there's a hill they will climb it! 

Such a pretty girl! 

At one point while Michael and I were sitting on a log we heard scurrying and looked over towards this spot where Ella had been and we saw a rat running into the woods. When in nature!!! 

No trip to the beach can be complete without throwing rocks at the water. 

Matchy boys! 

When we got back to the campsite Michael was out tending the fire while I was inside making hot cocoa. I made it with milk instead of water and the kids were over the moon about that. 

While standing there I decided to take pictures of my surroundings. 

Behind me and to my left is the dining table that turns into Ella's bed and the bed in the distance is Michael and I's. 

My kitchen which I'm pretty sure is super typical of most tent counter space! I have seen people build these shelves that go over the sink using PVC pipes. That way you can store your food off the counters and since it's PVC pipes it doesn't weigh much. I might be looking more into that for next year. 

Directly to my right is the bed all the boys sleep in. Surprisingly it really has worked out well with all 3 of them. We separate their bed space by using pool noodles under the sheets. That and letting the kids stay up later than normal has been quite successful! 

And directly behind the stove is the bathroom door that has a mirror on it! :) 

That night for dinner we had tacos. It wasn't long after that when we ran out of firewood so we came into the trailer. Michael was in bed asleep again by 7:30pm. It started raining at some point and Ella went outside to pull the chairs under the trailer so they wouldn't be soaked. I love the sound of rain on the trailer! In the morning it had stopped raining, but we were ready to get home. We ate cereal for breakfast, packed up and headed home. Since everything was wet we had to set the trailer up again to let it dry. Ella helped me clean out the trailer to get it ready to be put away for the winter. Then I started the loads and loads of least favorite part of camping! 

Even though we only made it out twice in 2019 they were both memorable trips and for good reasons. Hopefully we'll make our goal or surpass it in 2020!