Monday, December 9, 2019

Christmas Activities - 1st Week

Like last year I decided to write down all the Christmas Activities we were going to do each week on our Highlights board. The first week got all messed up though since sickness hit our house. I'm super thankful it struck at the beginning of December and not over Christmas break. It seemed like so many people were sick this season. 

We did watch a Christmas movie on Sunday, December 1st and I addressed Christmas Cards while watching the movie. The movie we watched is called The Christmas Project. This is the second year we've watched it. It's so's based in the 80's and it's a coming of age story all based around Christmas and these 4 brothers and their antics. I really enjoy it and so do the kids! 

On Monday, December 2nd we did cut out snowflakes and drink hot chocolate. 

The next day we were supposed to go shopping for wrapping paper and sibling gifts after I picked up Ella from STEM Club, but while I was getting my hair cut I got a text from her teacher that she wasn't feeling good and she just wanted to go home on the bus with the boys. 

This is what I came home too after my hair appointment. Within 5 minutes of me being home Ella was puking. In all Ella and Owen were home sick for 6 days...4 of them school days. Jack was only home for one day and Zeke for two. It was a horrible drawn out sickness that just wouldn't go away for Owen and Ella. They had low grade fevers the whole time and felt miserable! Thankful I was able to stay healthy until after the Women's Christmas Dinner at church that Friday.