Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Enjoying Christmas Break!

I LOVE having my kids home for Christmas break. We just lose ourselves in all the new toys and movies. I completely forget what day of the week it's wonderful!!! Plus it was even better since Michael was home for 9 days straight!!! 

Ella and I worked on her Dazzling picture. 
It's going to take a long time to finish it! 

Owen rode around on his hover board. He got really good at it quickly. I've enjoyed learning how to ride on it as well. I've gotten pretty good....I've also fell down a couple times too! 

One of the boys hung up one of Michael's paper targets to shoot Jack's arrows at the target. The arrows are like darts and they whistle. They freak Charlie out! 

On Sunday, December 29th we took the kids to see the latest Star Wars movie. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the AMC at Kent Station now has reclining and heated seats!!! The kids and I enjoyed the movie, but Michael not so much. 

One day I walked by Ella's room and peaked in to see her teacher set up with her stuffed animals. I love her imagination! 

On New Year's Eve prior to us going down to my parents house I took Ella to Kent Station to see Frozen 2. She had been feeling bummed since she's the only girl and she doesn't have a sister. It was fun to take her out just her and I. 

The seats we normally get were already taken when I bought the tickets so I got seats in the very back row instead. I wasn't sure if we'd like them, but Ella wants to sit there all the time now.