Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Exploring His World

Owen has been getting into more and more stuff. We really do need to baby proof the house more. We used to be able to put his police cruiser in doorway that leads to the stairs and he didn't understand that he could move it...well now he just shoves it aside and up the stairs he goes. He's such a bulldog! He's usually on the third or fourth stair by the time I get to him. I'm going to get Michael to put the baby gate up TONIGHT!
Yesterday Owen decided to crawl under the dining room table for the first time. His main motivation was Punkin our cat. Punkin is absolutely terrified of Owen! Punkin was lounging under the table very content and then Owen caught a glimpse of him...the lounging was all over. You can still see Punkin in the picture above he's in the upper right hand corner. I was shocked he didn't hightail it out of there...I guess he was being brave.
We also need to get a baby gate for the office door. We can't shut the door because that's the room where the litter and the cat food are, but that's precisely why Owen wants to get in that room in the first place. It's the only room upstairs that he really hasn't explored yet. Every time I leave him in his room to go wash my hands after changing him he is on his way to the office. He knows he only has so much time before I come and scoop him up. Today I decided to let him get into the cat food and see what he would do. A little cat food never hurt anybody. Plus I decided he needs to find out the consequences to his actions so if he's wants to try cat food it's fine by me. Of course I had the camera handy so I could get a hilarious picture if he did in fact eat some. Sadly, he never did eat any. He did bring a piece to his mouth twice, but it fell out right before it reached it's destination. He mainly just wanted to feel the food and play with it. He made a total mess, but since it's dry cat food it was easy to clean up.